About Me

Photo by Teverant

Welcome to the new web page, and I hope you enjoy your visit. This is, by the way, the home page of Anthony Pryor; I’m a game designer, author and (as you can see) aspiring musician. I created this web page to be a way of staying in touch with the rest of the world, disseminating my work, communicating with friends and acquaintances out there and generally as a way to waste time and prevent me from working on what’s really important.

That said, please feel free to browse, comment and otherwise make a nuisance of yourself. I want this to be a place where I announce new projects, bring people up to date with my life and what I’m working on and interact with others who have similar interests.

About Me

I live in Milwaukie, Oregon, a suburb of Portland, in a somewhat disreputable neighborhood with a cat and a dog whose custody I share with fellow writer Rhiannon Louve. I tell my friends that I make my mother live in the garage (in reality I dropped about $50k converting it into living quarters), I have a grown-up daughter (at this writing she is 21, has her asssociate’s degree, has made the dean’s list several times and is shop steward of a local department store branch… woo-hoo). I have an unbelievably wonderful girlfriend whom I hope decides to keep me around permanently, and my “real” job is in IT. My real loves are gaming, writing, music and history, and I’ve made a semi-regular career out of writing for the roleplaying industry since the mid-80s. I used to write for FASA Corporation, publishers of Battletech, TSR Inc. (Dungeons and Dragons) and numerous others. I was the line developer for Sword and Sorcery Studios’ Scarred Lands D20 series, of which I am inordinately proud, and I am currently doing freelance for anyone who will have me. I also write fiction and currently have three novels I’m trying to sell (more on those later) and a number of shorter pieces.

The love of music came on me late in life, but I’ve thrown myself into learning to play the electric bass, even going so far as to found a geeky rock band called Megatherium, with the aforementioned Rhiannon Louve on keyboards and vocals, my friend Cliff on guitar and my other friend Teverant (he took the photo above) on drums. Considering that 18 months ago neither Tev nor I could play a note, we’ve done pretty well for ourselves I think.

Anyway, that’s the introduction. There will be more to come, and I hope everyone enjoys it. I’ll expand further as I investigate the wonders of WordPress and its many capabilities.