Short Stories

For your enjoyment and edification here are a few short stories I’ve written over the years.

The Specter of Justice

A flash piece from a few years ago, the “origin” story for a pulp-style costumed hero, the Grey Ghost (or at least one version of him). Our unnamed narrator later on got a name and a background and appeared again in The Big Fall below, and I’d love to write more of his adventures.

Girl You Know You’re The One

An attempt at satirical horror after getting deeply annoyed by the latest spoiled tween-rock idol and realizing that I’ve been seeing the same guy with the same haircut, singing the same songs and experiencing the same meltdowns all my life.

The Winds of the Past

This one’s from a few years ago as well, and has gone through a few permutations over the years. As a serious swords and sorcery fan I really wanted to produce something like this and, as with the Grey Ghost, I’d be very interested in spinning these characters off into new tales.

The Big Fall

The latest adventure of Johnny Diamonds, aka the Grey Ghost, Specter of Justice, Defender of the Innocent, and master criminal in his spare time. This one was slated for publication about three years ago but I’ve heard nothing since so I’m just pulling the trigger and putting it up here for your enjoyment. There’s a guest appearance from the old pulp hero The Phantom Detective, who has since passed on into the public domain so revisionist authors like me can mess with him.

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