Norwescon, Nook, etc.

I’m beginning to rediscover why I had a hard time blogging previously. I’ve been determined to blog every Saturday but unfortunately the last two Saturdays have been a bit busy, the first with Norwescon and the second with general crap leading up to an awesome evening with the Johnny Clegg band. More on those later — very eventful and hopefully what’s needed to get this blog and the ebook project going. I was also ill after Norwescon due to excessive self-indulgence. I just purchased a Nook color today and time will tell whether it turns out to be the ultimate reader’s device that everyone tells me it is. Given how much I paid it bloody well better be.

I’m getting REALLY sick of blog spam… I’m not sure what those idiots are thinking, but these bot-generated messages saying things like “Great blog! Come check my site out!” and similar crap are utterly stupid and all they succeed in doing is wasting my time deleting them. Oh well… I’m going to try to make a longer post soon, since there’s been a lot to talk about.

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