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So all three of the Wulf books are up on both Amazon and B&N (the links above are to the Amazon pages), and so far my dear and loyal friends have purchased 11 copies. This is, as I note on Facebook, 11 more novels than I’ve ever sold before. If that pace continues, I’ll have almost 4000 sales in a year. Yeah, I know… Fat chance. I’m still endeavoring to do some kind of promotion. I found very few sites that review erotica, and a couple of them haven’t posted in over a year. I sent queries to the only two that seemed appropriate, but one hasn’t actually started publishing reviews yet and the other looks like it only reviews romanctic erotica — you know, the kind with a Chippendale dancer’s naked chest on the cover? I’m really kind of disappointed that with the current explosion of ebooks and indie publishing there isn’t more variety in the book blogs. My research has revealed to me just how huge and extensive the romance market is and how much easier it is to get reviews if you have a woman in a corset or the aforementioned male stripper on the cover. And don’t go telling me about how sexist and exploitive paperback covers are — those damned urban fantasies that inevitably show some woman’s ass in tight leather pants, often with tattooed ass antlers sticking out above the low-riding waistband? Those are primarily bought and read by women. If it’s so bloody offensive, you’d think that all those female readers would rise up and demand a change. But as it is, if it’s got a full moon, a hot chick’s backside or a bodybuilder’s unclothed pectorals on it, it’s considered perfectly good for modern third-wave feminist American women.

Oh, never mind. I’m just glad I’ve gotten this far. Now I need to figure out how to get people to come to this site and how to get them to buy and post reviews of my books…

And oh, yeah, just for the sake of completeness, here are the links to the books at the B&N store again:


12 thoughts on “Book Sales… I gots them…

  1. Peter Chase

    Uh, I suppose we should be glad that Wulf is finally being published. But ebooks? Yes, I know that you are in the IT business. But my idea of a book involves actual paper and the smell of ink and terms like quarto and octavo. Ask yourself–how would Wulf have published his memoirs?

    Maybe you could arrange some custom printing. I know Amazon does it.

    But it’s good to have you back. Sounds like your daughter is back from whatever dark passages she was lost in. Hope things work for you.

  2. Anthony

    Hi there and thanks for commenting! I’m actually in agreement with you regarding the ebook/real book dichotomy. Ebooks are indeed the wave of the future, but to some extent they represent the triumph of sterile technology over real craftsmanship. They are utilitarian but not aesthetic. While their aesthetics will certainly improve over the years, there is simply no substitute for a real book. (Regrettably, we may be seeing a lot fewer “real” books in future, but I’ll get to that in a future post.)

    I am presently working on InDesign layouts of all the Wulf books and hope to get them up on Lulu in the foreseeable future. I’m going to address the ebook matter soon, but the short answer is that I’m very interested in ebook publishing and I’m publishing the Wulf ebooks basically to get my feet wet and to learn more about how the process works. It also gives me an opportunity to get revised and updated editions of the old stories out there, and maybe make a tiny bit of bread on the side. I have every intention of getting a new Wulf site up with free plain text versions, as well as the aforementioned POD editions as well, but it all takes time and I’m unbelievably busy these days. All the same, it’s a priority and I hope to have all of my online projects (this blog site, all of the Wulf stories as ebooks and a website for my band) up and running by summer. And yes, my daughter is freakin’ awesome — I just attended her 21st birthday celebration at a local HP Lovecraft-themed bar last night. I am nothing short of delirious that she’s made it. More later. Please feel free to drop in any time!

  3. notthepenguins

    It’s great to see the Wulf stories getting published (though I’ll probably wait until I can get physical versions to read, personally – something about a paper book that I just love). I had, to be honest, thought you’d dropped off the map completely back when the old Wulf Archives dropped off the internet, happened across your e-books in one of my occasional googles of “Wulf Archives” to see what popped up, and voila, a blog! I understand you’re very busy (and I’m only just starting to finally understand what that -means-), but are you planning on writing more of them, or does the schedule not allow it?

    Unrelated to the Wulf stories… we have an HP Lovecraft-themed bar in Portland? Where? I was sadly unaware of this.

  4. Anthony

    Yup, more on the way — “The Wizard of Shark Island” (catchy title, that) is in the can and “Devil in Godshome” is in development. I’m going to put up plain ol’ .txt files again so people don’t have to pay (the e-book thing is, as noted, so I can get some experience in formatting and selling), and hopefully will have a new Wulf Archives next month or so. Yeah, I couldn’t resist getting back into the game.

    The Lovecraft Bar and Tea Room is indeed an HPL themed establishment, with pictures from Lovecraft stories on the walls, tentacles painted on the ceiling, horror movie posters, etc. My daughter is organizing a regular D&D game there 🙂 Just part of the fun of living in Portlandia…

  5. DataPacRat

    Mr Pryor,

    I am a long-time fan of your Wulf Archives stories. When your previous site went down, I tried getting in touch with you about such possibilities as hosting a mirror, but was unable to make contact. And so, since the content was already available (in somewhat inconvenient form) at, I put up a full-and-attributed-to-you copy of your site I’d made with wget. Now that I’ve been alerted to your new site, I’m hoping to get in contact with you, to apologize if I made the wrong choice, to take down my mirror in favour of your new site and newly-published novel versions if that’s what you want, to forward you a copy of the mirror if you don’t already have it, and so forth and so on.

    Thank you for your time, and for your writing,

  6. Anthony

    Hey, no problem… I don’t actually have an issue with keeping a mirror of the old site up somewhere. If it’s possible to have a link to this site (and the new Wulf site, which I hope to get up and running this month) that would be cool too. I’m delighted that you took the trouble to do this. My thanks. Hope to have some new material very soon.

    1. DataPacRat

      You’ll be happy to hear that I placed a link to this site, and even this page, next to my homepage’s link to the mirror of your old site just after I posted my earlier comment. And as soon as your new Wulf site goes live, I’ll be adding a link to there, too.

      (And, if-and-when you sell any versions of Wulf stories that are compatible with the e-book reader I use – Stanza, which primarily uses the epub format – I’ll be buying copies. Or if you sell physical copies, such as print-on-demand; you might find it worthwhile to look at some of the publishers of short-run furry books, such as, say, Sofawolf Press.)

  7. Kris N

    Like others here, I thought you’d totally dropped off the face of the Earth when the old site went down. It was pure luck, just bumbling around on Google to see if maybe you put it back up that I found this. Glad to see everything seems to be working out well.
    Debating buying the eBooks, but obviously wouldn’t anyway until/unless I get an e-reader of some sort.

  8. Alex C

    I picked the e-books off the Nook store today — I’m glad that there’s some way I can pay you back for all the hours I that I (mis)spent years ago reading your work 🙂 Cheers, and thanks for all the time you put into the Wulf stories!

  9. Anthony Pryor Post author

    That’s absolutely kickass, Alex… There will be more ahead and I’m planning on updating these files at some point (the editing is a little, well.. shall we say… spotty?), and I’ll definitely be providing the new versions to anyone who’s bought them. I’m also HOPING to get the new Wulf site flight-tested and ready next week some time, so keep your eyes peeled. That’s a really kind of disgusting phrase, isn’t it? “Keep your eyes peeled.” Ech.

  10. LongtimeFanFirstTimeCaller

    Mr. Pryor, I shed manly tears of sorrow when you disappeared. I started reading the Wulf Archives as a young man long ago just looking for some random pen-and-paper fantasy smut to read. I found myself drawn in, engrossed. I found myself liking Wulf as a character. It read like a real deal fantasy novel… but it was filled with precious smut! The state of -literotica- these days is truly embarrassing, it always was. The Wulf Archives was a shining beacon of light in that darkness.

    I’m not even really down for “man banging wolf-lady” or “lion-man banging african chick,” I was always into the traditional “Wulf the human rogue, bangs hot elves, wenches and bards while dungeoneering.” I’m kind of vanilla in that regard. But I stayed with the series. I learned to tolerate all of your progressively more kinky, crazy shit, and boy was I not ready for some of it, but I wanted to know what would happen to Wulf in the interim of each smutcapade. You have both talent and a great imagination. I’m glad you’re in a place now where you can continue your work.

  11. Anthony Pryor Post author

    Welcome back! Hope things aren’t TOO kinky for your tastes (I try to maintain at least a semblance of intelligent discourse among all the weirdness). Great to have you back and I’m looking forward to where the new site is going. (I just got an offer to buy back the old “” btw, but I think I know exactly where that guy can go stick it…)


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