Books on Line

So after a rather frustrating and informative weekend, my three very adult fantasy novels are finally on-line and ready for purchase. Barnes and Noble has them at the following addies:

Amazon’s a bit slower and only has one of the three books available. I’ll post the site as soon as it’s there and, time permitting, create a sidebar for this page with links to each individual work. I wrote these 10-15 years ago, and I’m actually kind of surprised how smutty they are. Oh, well… Hopefully someone will like them. I’m presently searching for epub blogs that review erotica, since they could best be described as sword and sorcery novels with lots of sex, or sex novels with lots of swords and sorcery — either way I don’t think mainstream fantasy reviewers will go for them, but I’ m sure I’ll find out soon.

When I have more time I’ll give some time to writing about the distinction between porn and erotica and its place in novels. My three more conventional novels await action, and I’m thinking of putting them up as ebooks as well. I will, however, have to buy ISBNs and commission covers for them, so that’s a bit down the line.

We’re off to Norwescon this weekend. I’m hoping to have postcards or bookmarks or something suitable to hand out, even if it’s really basic home-made stuff. One has to start somewhere. If I get good reviews on blogs that might draw people in, but I’m going to try to promote these myself as well. More reports as they occur.

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