Success of a sort

Okay, so all three of my epic erotic fantasy tales of Wulf the Freelance are ready, or almost ready, for purchase on and Barnes and Noble. They’re still processing and may take a day or so to show up, and I’ll post links when they do. I’m also going to add a menu to the right where you can click on the titles to buy them. A new and improved Wulf Archives is coming soon which will also have links and probably free copies of the .txt files for people who can’t afford $.99 or $2.99 for new e-book copies 🙂

I hope that I can provide some speculation and discussion about the state of the publishing industry here once people start to actually show up and comment. I’m getting all sorts of rumblings that traditional publishing is in serious trouble and that the new author really doesn’t have much of a chance as the large  houses are retrenching. A second (or third) hand story I heard is that at least one major publisher says that they’re not even considering work from unpublished authors right now and only want material from established writers with track records. A quicker way for the traditional publishers to shoot themselves in the foot I cannot envision, and it makes the idea of self-publishing even more appealing.

The chorus of folks telling us that traditional is the only way to go seems weaker with each passing day, counteracted by such entries as this one, from indie publishing sensation Joe Konrath — — in which he attempts (with I think some success) to demolish the usual arguments against self-publishing. Well, we’ll see — I now have three full-length pieces on-line and ready to promote, so I’m curious what the coming months will hold. More discussions of this are forthcoming, along with thoughts on the value of ISBNs, publishing on demand and the like.

In other news I woke up with high blood sugar and feel like hell, but I’ve forced myself to persevere. I yelled at the dog and kicked her out into the yard, which makes me feel guilty, and I missed a labor rally at which my daughter was up on stage with various luminaries, fighting for the rights of working stiffs whose unions are under siege from corporate interests and their goons in the Republican party. Keep fighting the good fight, daughter. We’ve all gotta stick together.

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