Another brief update, since things have been unsurprisingly busy since August. School startup proved a real challenge this year but we’ve finally gotten to the end of it, sparing me a little time to follow up and try to get people to actually read my goddamned books… I’ve completed 4 of 5 installments of a new novel The Ravenglass Fragment which will be available at various retailers and hopefully will get people interested in reading more.

dotrcvr9_10I’m in the process of creating a few more shorter works of 10k or so that I will also be publishing at Amazon, B&N, Smashwords, etc., under a new imprint “Metal Angel Press” — these will be genre works including fantasy, adventure, noir and hopefully other exciting tales of cyberpunk, space opera and other cool categories. I’m going to be putting up my own work as well as (hopefully) other folks and maybe we can all have some fun together.

I’m switching my newsletter/mailing list to Mailchimp as it looks as if I’ve got a bit more control that with the current plug-in, but that shouldn’t affect anyone who’s currently subscribed. Also, all you folks on the mailing list will be getting your free copy of the first installment of Ravenglass, a dark ages horror-fantasy called The Dream of the Rood, and starring the mysterious half-demon warrior Arngrim (if you’ve read Wings of the Fallen you know all about him, of course, but here’s another opportunity to see him kicking ass and taking names).

There’s so much other stuff on my plate now too — a couple of very neat rpg writing projects which i will definitely post about soon, as well as upcoming events like Orycon and the HP Lovecraft Film Festival… I hope to report from both as well. In the meantime, stay cool and keep your eyes open — and if you happen to read this and haven’t subscribed to my newsletter, please do, and accept The Ravenglass Fragment as my gift to you.

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