Westercon Schedule

tumblr_m59g753PeJ1qll9d0If you’re attending Westercon this weekend, here’s my panel schedule. For the rest of the con I will most likely be manning my booth and selling as many copies of The Shepherd as I can. Come by for an autograph or chat with a lonely author…

Anthony Pryor Reading
Fri Jul 1 6:00:pm – 6:30:pm
Anthony Pryor reads from selected works
Anthony Pryor
Saturday 10am Kaffeeklatsch
Sat Jul 2 10:00:am – 11:00:am
Small group discussions with authors, artists, and other interesting personalities (referred to as “hosts”). Sessions are limited to the host and a small group of attendees.
Anthony Pryor, Carol Berg, Curtis Chen, David D. Levine, Diana Pharaoh Francis, Morris Allen, Sonia Lyris
Violence in Fantasy
Sat Jul 2 2:00:pm – 3:00:pm
Battles, torture, swordfights . . . why do we see so much violence in fantasy literature? Is it a requirement? How much is too much? Do you as a writer have limits? Does every epic have to end in a battle?
Anthony Pryor, Jim Doty, John Shirley, Wendy Wagner
Social Justice Warrior
Ross Island
Sat Jul 2 6:00:pm – 7:00:pm
Are you a Social Justice Warrior? Do you write to bring about a new world order? If the Sad Puppies are right and we have an agenda to write about all humans – is that a bad thing?
Amber Clark, Anthony Pryor, Frog Jones, Jim Minz, Sienna Saint-Cyr
Sun Jul 3 10:00:am – 11:00:am
Get your goodies signed!
Anthony Pryor, Curtis Chen, Emily Jiang
Craft of Game Design
Ross Island
Sun Jul 3 3:00:pm – 4:00:pm
What does it take to create a tabletop roleplaying game from the ground up? Hear from a panel of writers and artists who have invested countless hours into creating some of your favorite RPGs.
Anthony Pryor, Gibbitt Rhys-Jones, Hunter Mayer, Rhiannon Louve, Scott Woodard

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