New link on the extreme right of this page. And speaking of the extreme right…

I’ve added a new link to the Smashwords site over on the right there, but it doesn’t look too exciting. The current list of links are the ones that came with the WordPress theme and I’ll be changing them as I create and find more pages to link to. I’m very pleased with Smashwords so far — it looks like I’ve already sold 20-30 books or so in a week or so. If that keeps up this whole project may end up paying for itself 🙂

I think that in addition to other gaming stuff I’ll be including writeups of my Zeitgeist campaign, though I will have to spoiler-proof it in the unlikely event that someone else playing Zeitgeist might want to read it. More to come soon.

Dale texted me last night crowing with delight that Newt Gingrich won the South Carolina primary last night. Why delight, you ask? Aren’t you two a couple of America-hatin, terrist-luvin librul soshilists? Well, yeah, but we are taking special interest in watching what a trainwreck the Republican primary process is becoming… And we’re also delighted that Republicans will have to choose between a guy named “Newt” (named after a slippery amphibian that secretes skin toxin) and “Willard Mittens” (named after the guy who founded the Mariott chain of hotels and things you wear on your hands in the winter).

I likewise enjoy observing the naked hypocrisy of the people who insisted that Clinton was unfit for office because he got a hummer in the Oval Office, now voting for a guy who has been twice divorced, had numerous affairs, divorced his wife while she lay in her hospital bed and demanded an “open marriage” while making lofty assertions about how important it was for public officials to be moral and display good American family values.

And that they hate and despise a man who rose from poverty to become president, is a faithful church-going Christian and has been faithful to his wife for decades… Hm. Makes ya think, dunnit? When push comes to shove, no matter how much they scream about “Christian values”, right wing voters really don’t much care whether the candidate is a good Christian or not — their primary concern is that he ain’t no socalist librul. And that he’ll keep his gubmint hands offa their social security.

Anyway, Dale texted me about Newt’s glorious victory and I texted back, “I guess the Mittens are coming off now, huh?” Yeah, it was a cheap shot, and I’m ashamed. After all, Republicans and Tea Partiers NEVER take cheap shots at Obama, do they?

Okay, sorry about the political rant. Like I said, it’s my blog and I can say whatever I want. Nyah, nyah, nyah…

4 thoughts on “New link on the extreme right of this page. And speaking of the extreme right…

  1. Joe Welke

    Holy cow! You’re active!

    I first stumbled upon the Wulf Archives once upon a Google search about 2-3 years ago. Dunno what the terms were – “demoness titfuck” somehow rings a bell – but there it was, and I devoured them over the next few days. They’re well done, in most every way. Sex-and-swashbuckling has been done well before, but yours is a unique take and easily read and appreciated. I tip my hat to you, and am delighted you’re still on this side of the grass.

    A few questions, if you don’t mind: the novels you have for sale are your earlier stories that you say you’ve edited; edited how, exactly? Also, will you write of what happened with Akemi in the mountains, or Pearl in the sea? Or did you already do those things and I missed ’em?

    Finally: you used to work for FASA (I’m not worthy! I’m not worthy! Shadowrun’s my favorite game), so what’d you write? Any Shadowrun books?

    That’s quite enough out of me. Even if you don’t respond, know that I appreciate the writing you’ve done, and hopefully will still do.

  2. Anthony Pryor Post author

    Hi and thanks for the kind words — I’m hoping to get back on line and interact with people more frequently and make sure folks know I’m still very much alive and healthy.
    As for the editing, it was mostly of the corrective variety — spelling, grammar, removing inconsistencies, making sure everything’s formatted right, making sure all those damned names are spelled the same, etc. For the most part they’ll be the same as the ones you’ve already read, but the exception is the Dark Vengeance trilogy which I am now formatting. I changed some of the characters and removed Jae and Violent Bahb after long, hard thought, since I felt they were a little too cutsey and my Kevin Smith fanboyism was kind of dated and a little bit embarassing. I hope to post those next month some time.
    I wrote a whole raft of Battletech stuff for FASA — The Wolf’s Dragoons supplement, Solaris IX boxed set, More Tales of the Black Widow, Sorenson’s Sabers, Battle for Twycross, etc. I wrote only one item for Shadowrun — the California section of the Neo-Anarchist’s Guide to North America.
    Feel free to keep in touch — I’ll be announcing the return of the Wulf site and the publication of the Dark Vengeance books soon, so stay tuned. Again, thanks for the good words!

  3. Joe Welke

    Wow, I owned quite a few of those BT supplements. Being an airplane nut, knowing about the SL25 Samurai aerospace fighter, but never knowing its stats, made me design my own. 55 tons, 7/11 speed, a collection of lasers for armament, and 7(!) tons of fuel. I envisioned a fairly maneuverable fighter that could stay in the fight for a long, long time (armor permitting). When I finally saw the Sabres book, imagine my shock and delight to discover… 55 tons, 7/11 speed, a collection of lasers for armament, and 7(!) tons of fuel. Proud of myself, I was.

    Seeing as you were in FASA for their glory days, I wonder if I could ask one more question: what happened to Nigel Findley? His sourcebooks for SR were the best, and his Dirk Montgomery novels were excellent reads. He also had this whole Earthdawn/SR continuity thing going on, with hints and hints of hints about it all in almost every book (and which is something I’d LOVE to have explained to me). Abruptly, his output ceased…

    And sorry to hear of the demise of Jae and Violent Bahb. Yeah, they killed my suspension of disbelief, but they did add some badly needed humor in a cesspool of evil, depravity, tension, bondage, and paranoia. Truly, an orc in a badly made leather bat-outfit leaping off an outcropping and smearing himself over a wall was the funniest mental image I’ve had. Ah well, your world, your books. Snoogans.

  4. Anthony Pryor Post author

    I’m happy to hear it — those mechs and vehicles were fun to design, but they didn’t get a lot of playtesting. I remember one time I played in a Battletech game at a con in which I took a ‘mech that I’d designed, and a kid (who didn’t know who I was) kicked my ass, then lectured me on the “proper” way to use my mech.

    Poor Nigel Findley passed away in 1995 at age 35. It was a horrific tragedy; the man was only a few months older than me and he had a hell of a career ahead of him. Now that you remind me I remember the shock and disbelief that surrounded his untimely death. Very sad thing.

    J&VB’s replacements are hopefully also amusing, but in a way that’s a bit more consistent with the setting. I gave it a lot of thought and figured that if I was going to try to make the books at least partially mainstream, the more overt fan service should probably go. It wasn’t easy, and I’m certainly still a Kevin Smith fan, but I feel a little better about the new versions. You’ll have to let me know what you think.


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