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MegLogoBlackSo here’s the story. A few years ago, some friends and I formed a rock band and after a long, long, LONG series of discussions in which what I considered to be some awesome band names got rejected, settled on the name Megatherium. Most of us had never played in public before, I didn’t know which end of a bass was which and knew next to nothing about music and music theory. We played Jonathan Coulton covers (badly) at the local con, we had a great time, then came back the next year, covering a bunch of werewolf, zombie and vampire songs (“Werewolves of London,” “I’m a Vampire,” “Zombie Me” and others). Then we lost our guitarist and our drummer went back to school, reducing his availability for lessons and practice. We played some original stuff at one more con, then kind of went on hiatus.

MegPoster2011We didn’t stop of course, but given that performing was at that moment not feasible, my singer/ex-gf/bff Rhia and I decided to focus on learning to record music. I dropped a small bundle on a recording package, taught myself the basics and we went to town. The result is our first recording, “Sound of Wings,” a song that Rhia wrote about the hero of one of my many unpublished novels, and also (I suspect) about me, and just the thought of someone actually writing a song for me gets me all misty-eyed and sentimental. So here is our first recording — this is not the final version (it needs violin, drums and some reworking of the vocals, particularly the first chorus), but it’s a labor of love and devotion and friendship that makes me very happy. It’s not slick, it’s not professional, and it’s got all sorts of glitches and mistakes, but dammit, it’s our fucking song. Enjoy.


SowAnd (quick revision after the fact) here for the record, are the lyrics, proudly written by Rhiannon Louve:


Who am I? Just a man

Grounded by life’s demands

Got no hopes, got no plan



Who am I? Just a man

I don’t know where I stand

But I dream of a time

When I’ll soar


I’ve seen death, and I’ve seen pain

I’ve seen love and pain again

I’m still here, I’m still sane

But what for?


Take a breath, wear the chain

Weather passion’s wind and rain

Still I cry in my soul

I want more



Sound of wings

Through my dreams

Nothing’s ever as it seems

Make the shift, brave the rift

Here I roam


Take my face

And take my name

But to my soul you have no claim

I may burn, but I’ll return

To my home



Here in darkness

Self I’m finding

By my power

Fear I’m binding


Through survival


Through compassion



Who am I? Just a man

Yet much more than I began

My whole world in my hand

And it sings


Who am I? Just a man

But I taste life and understand

My heart soars on the soft

Sound of wings




3 thoughts on “Enter Megatherium

  1. tanilen

    Wow, Rhia sounds awesome! Although, to honest, with a name like “Megatherium” I was expecting heavy metal aural assault, but this was good too. Can’t wait to here the finalized version with all of the extras you want in it. But damn, you’re right, it’s a recorded mp3, and it’s all yours =)

  2. Anthony Pryor Post author

    Yeah, I can see that… I’ve always thought that while Megatherium promises heavy duty metal, we’re a little more on the melodic side. One reason is because I’m still working on metal technique and we need some heavier drum sounds, but I’m hoping we’ll come up with something closer to the original vision. In the meantime, we have a couple more “operatic rock” pieces, one called “Sing for Me” (a conversation between Galadriel and Celeborn about the decline of the elves) and “Black Pony” (about a pookah). Both are slow but heavy, kind of like this one. We’ll be working on those over the next few months and I’ll post them as they progress. I think we’ll be working on the violin part this weekend, and I’ll be splitting the song up into individual tracks as .wav files to hand over to Teverant for the drum part. Thanks for the interest… I’m looking forward to our future endeavors.


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