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The New Wulf Archives

As I have finally completed work on at least the tentative version of the new, New NEW Improved Wulf Archives site, where you can read my adult (and for those of you who need explanation, that means 18 years and over only, please) fantasy adventures featuring Wulf the Freelance — rogue, warrior, adventurer, philosopher, lover and all-around grumpy guy — and his various friends and lovers.

I’ve described how I came to write the Wulf stories several times — in short, I loved both the works Bill Willingham, Stephen Brust and others, and in the early days of Usenet, I posted to the infamous newsgroup, mostly because I thought most of what was posted there was crap. In short order I started getting positive responses, and eventually started a couple of different websites. Various other adventures, including divorce, loss of job, new relationships, family matters, work matters and lots of other cool projects kind of got in Wulf’s way and my last site died of neglect about four or five years ago, besieged by spambots.

Well hopefully that’s all fixed now and this site, imperfect though it is, will be around indefinitely. I’m hoping to add some stuff like forums and art galleries, but for the moment people can go there and download the Wulf stories as html for free, or go to my Smashwords links and pay me real cash money for the ebook versions.

It’s been a long, strange trip and I honestly think I’m a better person now than when I first set electron to electron back in ’92 or ’93 when I wrote The Demon Crown, the first real Wulf story. As you can read in the introductions to the various Dark Vengeance tales, writing the last trilogy of Wulf stories reflected the depths to which my life had descended in ’99 and ’00, and hopefully set the stage for the long road back home.

In the spirit of Bill Willingham’s classic Ironwood comic, the Wulf series has a plot, has characters and hopefully is decently written, but is also pretty unashamedly erotic. Actually, I always kind of disliked the term “erotica,” since it’s really nothing but a nice word for “porn,” so I won’t mince words — the Wulf series are pornographic, though hopefully in this day and age that won’t be considered a negative. If you like swords and sorcery, fantasy adventures, explicitly erotic writing and epic-level tales that include lots of sex between people of various species, genders and social persuasions, go check out Wulf, and by all means let me know what you think. Like I said, it’s been a very long time since this whole affair started, and I’m hoping that Wulf will be with me for a long time to come. Check it out.


…And oh, yeah…

Sorry I completely forgot to mention it… The grand epic Wulf the Freelance trilogy Dark Vengeance is available for purchase on Smashwords at Check it out and enjoy, but be advised that, like all the Wulf stories, it’s so freaking 18-and-over-only it’s not even funny.

I’ve added a new link to the Smashwords site over on the right there, but it doesn’t look too exciting. The current list of links are the ones that came with the WordPress theme and I’ll be changing them as I create and find more pages to link to. I’m very pleased with Smashwords so far — it looks like I’ve already sold 20-30 books or so in a week or so. If that keeps up this whole project may end up paying for itself :)

I think that in addition to other gaming stuff I’ll be including writeups of my Zeitgeist campaign, though I will have to spoiler-proof it in the unlikely event that someone else playing Zeitgeist might want to read it. More to come soon.

Dale texted me last night crowing with delight that Newt Gingrich won the South Carolina primary last night. Why delight, you ask? Aren’t you two a couple of America-hatin, terrist-luvin librul soshilists? Well, yeah, but we are taking special interest in watching what a trainwreck the Republican primary process is becoming… And we’re also delighted that Republicans will have to choose between a guy named “Newt” (named after a slippery amphibian that secretes skin toxin) and “Willard Mittens” (named after the guy who founded the Mariott chain of hotels and things you wear on your hands in the winter).

I likewise enjoy observing the naked hypocrisy of the people who insisted that Clinton was unfit for office because he got a hummer in the Oval Office, now voting for a guy who has been twice divorced, had numerous affairs, divorced his wife while she lay in her hospital bed and demanded an “open marriage” while making lofty assertions about how important it was for public officials to be moral and display good American family values.

And that they hate and despise a man who rose from poverty to become president, is a faithful church-going Christian and has been faithful to his wife for decades… Hm. Makes ya think, dunnit? When push comes to shove, no matter how much they scream about “Christian values”, right wing voters really don’t much care whether the candidate is a good Christian or not — their primary concern is that he ain’t no socalist librul. And that he’ll keep his gubmint hands offa their social security.

Anyway, Dale texted me about Newt’s glorious victory and I texted back, “I guess the Mittens are coming off now, huh?” Yeah, it was a cheap shot, and I’m ashamed. After all, Republicans and Tea Partiers NEVER take cheap shots at Obama, do they?

Okay, sorry about the political rant. Like I said, it’s my blog and I can say whatever I want. Nyah, nyah, nyah…