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…And oh, yeah…

Sorry I completely forgot to mention it… The grand epic Wulf the Freelance trilogy Dark Vengeance is available for purchase on Smashwords at Check it out and enjoy, but be advised that, like all the Wulf stories, it’s so freaking 18-and-over-only it’s not even funny.

I’ve added a new link to the Smashwords site over on the right there, but it doesn’t look too exciting. The current list of links are the ones that came with the WordPress theme and I’ll be changing them as I create and find more pages to link to. I’m very pleased with Smashwords so far — it looks like I’ve already sold 20-30 books or so in a week or so. If that keeps up this whole project may end up paying for itself :)

I think that in addition to other gaming stuff I’ll be including writeups of my Zeitgeist campaign, though I will have to spoiler-proof it in the unlikely event that someone else playing Zeitgeist might want to read it. More to come soon.

Dale texted me last night crowing with delight that Newt Gingrich won the South Carolina primary last night. Why delight, you ask? Aren’t you two a couple of America-hatin, terrist-luvin librul soshilists? Well, yeah, but we are taking special interest in watching what a trainwreck the Republican primary process is becoming… And we’re also delighted that Republicans will have to choose between a guy named “Newt” (named after a slippery amphibian that secretes skin toxin) and “Willard Mittens” (named after the guy who founded the Mariott chain of hotels and things you wear on your hands in the winter).

I likewise enjoy observing the naked hypocrisy of the people who insisted that Clinton was unfit for office because he got a hummer in the Oval Office, now voting for a guy who has been twice divorced, had numerous affairs, divorced his wife while she lay in her hospital bed and demanded an “open marriage” while making lofty assertions about how important it was for public officials to be moral and display good American family values.

And that they hate and despise a man who rose from poverty to become president, is a faithful church-going Christian and has been faithful to his wife for decades… Hm. Makes ya think, dunnit? When push comes to shove, no matter how much they scream about “Christian values”, right wing voters really don’t much care whether the candidate is a good Christian or not — their primary concern is that he ain’t no socalist librul. And that he’ll keep his gubmint hands offa their social security.

Anyway, Dale texted me about Newt’s glorious victory and I texted back, “I guess the Mittens are coming off now, huh?” Yeah, it was a cheap shot, and I’m ashamed. After all, Republicans and Tea Partiers NEVER take cheap shots at Obama, do they?

Okay, sorry about the political rant. Like I said, it’s my blog and I can say whatever I want. Nyah, nyah, nyah…

New EBook Sales Site

Hi again — Yesterday I decided to finally pull the trigger and put the three current Wulf books up on Smashwords, and I’ve already got a few sales, so that’s a good thing. After a few months up on other sites, I think that these stories are more suited to the Smashwords format — they’re not in competition with better-known authors, they get a bit more support and they are available in one place in ALL the major e-book formats. I also did a solid edit of all the books, cleaned up a lot of errors (that have been around for years) and made new covers (nice ones, I think). I also took the stuff down from Amazon because they decided that (I think) “Stormking” violated one of their publishing standards, though for the life of me I cannot imagine what it was, since everyone is clearly over 18 and all that.

I’ve been slogging away on a my other projects. I got one rejection from an agent for my urban fantasy and I’m about 20k words into my new fantasy effort, the one that talks about the actual likely consequences of a dungeon economy and how absolutely insane people would have to be if they wanted to become dungeon explorers in the D&D sense.

The remaining Wulf novels (the “Dark Vengeance” trilogy) will be up soon, as will a new book of short Wulf stories. I’m seriously thinking of putting at least a couple of other novels up too, including “Queen’s Lancers” (Victorian era steam/magic adventures) and “Sound of Wings” (unclassifiable contemporary fantasy with sex, body swapping, fractal science and some stuff that’s so close to my life it’s scary). I’m going to have to try to put together some decent cover images and see how that looks.

I’m also tired and wimped out of my usual Thursday night game. I had a good guitar lesson (we’re learning “Lucy in the Sky with Diamonds” which is actually dead easy), we’ve got a rehearsal scheduled for Saturday and come Monday I’m going to be running Enworld’s Zeitgeist adventure for Pathfinder… I am quite blown away by this campaign, by the way — like my above novel it’s steam/magicpunk, with a lot of action and some very interesting philosophizing and a really cool cosmology. Also, the villains appear to be objectivists, and I approve of that. I’ll let you know how it goes…

In the meantime, keep the faith. As you may have noted in the previous entry, I completely spaced about discussing the TVTropes Wulf article, but again I’m more than delighted to see it up there. I took a quote from it and used it for my book blurbs, and I’ll be pointing to it when I get the new Wulf site going next month. Dale also found a stub article on Wikifur with some info about the series — since it’s a wiki I may jump in and add some content in my copious spare time.  Still in all it was a tiring day, but I think I’m doing okay. More interesting articles to come.