AP@EcolaI’ve been scribbling and scrawling words for longer than I want to admit and these days it’s a simple matter to share one’s thoughts and opinions (especially the latter) on line for all to see. So here’s my home page, with just the sort of thing you expect from someone who wants you to read his books and stories. Feel free to poke around and leave a comment. And of course once my various works of fiction are available for sale, feel free to pick up one or two of those as well.

Over the years I have produced material for a wide range of roleplaying games, from Bard Games’ Talislanta to Paizo’s Pathfinder (see the Works link above for a full list) and most of the stuff in between. I’ve also written short fiction, MMO scenarios, comics and novels, and my new supernatural thriller series, the Shepherd trilogy, is scheduled for publication by Permuted Press in 2016.

By day I’m an IT professional for a large school district, I enjoy history, music and games. I have an awesome grown daughter who does cool stuff like union organizing and building schools in Africa. My artist mom is a mere 85 years old and in her youth she too did union organizing, was a member of the Communist party and hung out with such luminaries as Malvina Reynolds, Paul Robeson and Dalton Trumbo, and partied with Diego Rivera and Frida Kahlo. No, really. She did.

In my copious spare time I both run and play in Pathfinder games, play board games, paint miniatures, play Guild Wars 2 and Skyrim and play bass and electric guitar in the geek rockbands Megatherium and Rogues of Lankhmar (which are more or less the same bands but with different people). And oh yeah, I work on the latest novel in the Shepherd series. Almost forgot that part.

So welcome to the page — check out my blog and enjoy the Pit of Swords and Sorcery, read some of my short fiction, find out more about my past credits and see what’s ahead in the coming months. I hope you like it.

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